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26/06/2012 Desk Of secretary
dear campionites.... please fill in ur details and register urself in the website. please pass on this informationTO ALL UR friends batchmates. this data will be very usefull for the future communication. This year the 66th AGM of COBA is on the 5th of august (sunday). please do come and be a part of the meeting and celebrations.
26/03/2011 Desk Of secretary
hi , dear campionites, we recive a lot of application for membership. There is one common thing we notice is,that all of them say they have paid their membership ; which is not true. please tell us the correct information as it is very hard for us to keep checking each induvidual records. its just Rs. 500 (Rs.1000 for online payment) for the life time membership.... so pls fill the correct status and help us do our work with more effectvenss rather than spending time in checking records. thank you friends anuraag
24/10/2010 Secretary
this is to inform all the students who passed out in 2010 march to correct their batch details . please ask ur friends to join the group.
01/10/2009 WebTeam - coba
Please make use of the site to scribble something for your friends, or to send birthday wishes or just search out old pals. Our web team will be thrilled with your comments about the new site - so please do write to cobaweb@gmail.com with the subject: comment
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